M A S T E R   P O S T 

all about the ITV show that uses dinosaurs to rip out your heart from emotional overload. *gif credit*


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I know I’m forgetting someone or something, so check out the Primeval tags for more info. But add this show to your list of things to watch!

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Somewhere only we know (source x )

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Take your time :)

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Some… force out there ripped the boundaries of space and time to shreds. Maybe it’s happened before, in which case every single thing we thought we knew about the universe is wrong. Or, this is the first time, in which case what changed? What happens next? Believe me: it’s very, very far from over.

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Becker appreciation post.

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-Heard you were talkin shit.

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Do I even need to say it???

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y’know what fandom kicks ass?

the primeval fandom

the primeval fandom is the best fandom out there, no arguments.


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