Connor Temple Fan Challenge: Day 12

Best HERO Moment(s): Yeah, the challenge is technically over but I missed a couple days being away and wanted to post. There are so many little moments to choose from when looking at Connor Temple’s heroism, the ones that stick out for me are going in to get Nick Cutter at the ARC and the destruction of New Dawn.

My number 1 would be Cutter, just how Connor goes back in, because he has to, there is no option not to, to get Cutter out of the ARC, he just looks at Abby and she tells him to “be careful” knowing full well there’s no point trying to stop him going in after Cutter. That kind of brave self sacrificing behaviour is at the heart of what I love about Connor.

The destruction of New Dawn is the other moment I love, realizing Burton and Helen’s plans for New Dawn and just how much damage it causes, Connor has to set things right. His actions, with help from Abby, Matt, Becker and the ARC team change the course of the future, that’s pretty big, and Connor is right at the heart of figuring out how to change the dismal future created by New Dawn. He’s had a lot on his shoulders and his determination to do right above all else makes me proud. I’m sure Cutter would be proud too.

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