Connor Temple Fan Challenge: Day 13

Favourite Smoulder: All (but particularly Series 4 Promo shoot)

Again, luvconnor and I agree on a favourite, I also had a “moment” when the Series 4 promo pics came out, swoon. I’ve also never been so focused on a belt buckle before…yeah…

Andrew has a great ability to engage with the camera, of both the still and moving variety. He draws focus, even in group pics, a quality I enjoy about him. The Series 4 and 5 pics definitely show us that our boy is all grown up. I think we all remember the Cretaceous Connor pic when it came out, am I right? The blue ARC uniform does it for me, as well as Connor in red, like another fave promo pic/outfit from Series 3. Connor Temple gives good smoulder baby.

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